Volunteer Role: Director of Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement

Director of Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement

Reports to: Executive Director
Team: Core Leadership Team
Time Commitment: 10 hrs per week (may be up to 20 hrs/week during high work load periods)

Summary & Responsibilities

The Director of Volunteer Recruitment & Engagement is responsible for designing, organizing, and implementing the programs and strategies related to volunteer recruitment and engagement for Minds Matter Houston. The director serves as the primary contact for all volunteers and cultivates new relationships to improve volunteer services and outreach related to the MMH mission. Responsibilities include: 

  • Establishing volunteer recruitment goals based on current needs and available pool of interested candidates
  • Developing strategies for recruiting and training new volunteers to ensure they are prepared to handle their responsibilities
  • Overseeing application process for prospective volunteers to determine acceptance into the program
  • Ensuring compliance with all volunteer compliance and background check requirements
  • Delivering onboarding and orientation for new volunteers
  • Training current volunteers in new skills or updating them on changes to existing programs or policies
  • Creating engagement touchpoints for current volunteers, including volunteer social events and mid-year check-ins
  • Maintaining contact with volunteers by providing them with feedback about their performance and solicit their input about issues or concerns
  • Leading a small team of volunteer direct reports and facilitating recurring team meetings at a frequency that best fits your team
  • Active participation in bi-weekly Core Leadership Meetings to establish strong communication and interfaces between teams, and to advance cross-collaboration among teams

You’ll Be a Good Fit If You:

  • Want to volunteer with a mission-driven organization making an impact in the lives of Houston-area high school students
  • Enjoy connecting with a diverse range of people in both 1:1 and group situations
  • Are prepared to take on a volunteer leadership role on a growing team
  • Able to lead, manage, and motivate a small team of volunteers who will report to you
  • Enjoy giving presentations and speaking about the mission and purpose of our organization
  • Have great organizational and time management skills
  • Demonstrate accountability and ownership, proactive leadership, and a desire to contribute to a high-performing team

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